Whole Birth Yoga is a philosophy and practice that helps to integrate the relationship between body, mind and spirit. The practice of Whole Birth Yoga offers a rich experience of how a pregnant woman can prepare for labor, delivery and postpartum. Learning deep relaxation techniques, pain-management, and strengthening exercises, women use their power to go within their bodies to listen for guidance on their path of motherhood.

Whole Birth Yoga provides women with a supportive and safe environment before, during and after their pregnancies.
Each class is a combination of community sharing and a
physical yoga practice.

Each woman is accommodated to her specific needs depending on where she is within her journey of child birthing. These classes build a network of parents and promote the greatest well being of all families. By building these communities Whole Birth Yoga helps to integrate each woman's personal experience of birth in order to raise the consciousness and community of childbirth and parenting.
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