sarah robinette

My roots are in Kentucky. I grew up having a love for athletics, playing something in every season.
Somehow a faint whisper of Mt. Humphrey came into my awareness and drew me to Flagstaff.
I completed my Bachelor's in Sociology & Psychology at Northern Arizona University.
Flagstaff is also where I went to my first yoga class, thank you Adi Amar. In Flagstaff and in Tucson,
I worked as a Special Education mentor and advocate. Upon moving to San Francisco, thank you massive hail storm,
I worked as a P.E. teacher at a private school for special needs. I was also a full time shadow teacher to a young girl with Autism.

I developed and implemented a P.E. and ABA curriculum with techniques of behavior/anger management skills, individualized learning styles and techniques put forth by Yoga Ed™.
In addition to my special education work, I completed my Masters in Integral Psychology at John F. Kennedy University and continued to teach community yoga classes part time.

Now in Portland, Oregon I teach full time yoga/meditation, undergraduate psychology & mindfulness for recovery. In recent years I have been graced
with opportunity to teach yoga both domestically and internationally.

I am a full time mother of two, Isaac MJ & Ila Kay… and an avid wine collector! My favorite part of Portland is by far, the Willamette Valley! With two hands together & a deep bow, I honor those teachers that have most influenced
my living: Tias Little, Erich Schiffman, Baba Hari Dass, Julie Rader, Adi Amar & Shaney Aalbers.